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KetoCitra is a medical food and should be taken under medical supervision.

Where Do I Begin?

A team approach – working with your kidney doctor and an experienced renal dietitian – may be the best way to achieve success for anyone with kidney disease. Renal dietitians are professionally trained, registered dietitians who specialize in the nutritional needs of people with kidney disease. Your doctor will monitor your lab values and overall progress while collaborating with your renal dietitian to make any needed alterations in diet or dosing of KetoCitra.

You can begin by selecting one of the four options below. We highly recommend the Ren.Nu program for the dietary management of PKD. Ren.Nu is a 12-week online program for PKD patients to learn how to implement a plant-focused ketogenic diet that incorporates KetoCitra. Ren.Nu is administered by the non-profit RenAlign and led by highly experienced renal dietitians.

A human kidneys between two palms of a woman on white isolated background. The concept of a healthy kidneys.