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KetoCitra® is the FIRST and ONLY non-prescription product specifically designed for the dietary management of chronic kidney disease (including the genetic form polycystic kidney disease).
It is designed for stages 1-3, however KetoCitra® may still be appropriate for individuals with stages 4 or 5, but this should be determined by your health care practitioner.

Diabetic Kidney Disease Polycystic Kidney Disease

Are you at risk for kidney disease?

Diabetic Kidney Disease

The world of diabetes can be complex and filled with many potential complications, one of which is Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD), sometimes referred to as Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD. Diabetic Kidney Disease is a kidney-related complication that can arise due to diabetes. It’s a top reason why people experience kidney issues. Approximately one in three adults living with diabetes has kidney disease. While kidney damage from diabetes can worsen over time, many preventative steps can be taken to keep your kidneys healthy and slow the progression of the disease.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder and type of chronic kidney disease that affects about 500,000 people in the United States. PKD causes cyst-filled sacs to grow on the kidneys, leading to reduced kidney function and potentially kidney failure. Although PKD is a condition that cannot yet be reversed, numerous methods are available to slow disease progression and manage symptoms effectively, forming the cornerstones of polycystic kidney disease self-care.


KetoCitra® - Kidney Health Through Innovation, Research & Development

A mission is one thing a purpose is another

Santa Barbara Nutrients is more than a business. It’s a team effort to advocate for patients with kidney disease, which is personal to many on our team.

We are committed to:

  1. Supporting kidney health through innovation, research, and development.

  2. Working together with our community to raise awareness about PKD and kidney health.

  3. Creating useful products that improve the health and well-being of people affected by or at risk for kidney disease.

  4. Empowering people to advocate for their health and raising awareness for those living with kidney disease.

KetoCitra® is the FIRST non-prescription patented product specifically designed for the dietary management of chronic kidney disease