Glenn Frommer joins SBN Board, PKD Advocate and Investor.

Weimbs & Frommer, PKD advocates, biking for awareness.

Santa Barbara Nutrients (SBN) is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Glenn Frommer to SBN’s Board of Directors which expands the Board to five members. Glenn will leverage the experience from his nearly 40 years of business leadership to support SBN’s governance, strategy development, fundraising, and penetration into various healthcare markets, including polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

Glenn co-founded the venture capital firm Milkbox Partners in 2014 to invest in startup businesses across multiple vertical markets, including direct-to-consumer and healthcare brands. The Milkbox portfolio includes investments in more than 100 companies, and Glenn serves in an advisory capacity and on the Boards of several of them. Prior to Milkbox, Glenn was CEO of multiple public and private-equity-owned industrial products companies, including several successful exits.

Glenn has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester, an MBA from Rutgers University, and was a practicing CPA earlier in his career. Glenn has polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and has been intimately involved in the PKD Foundation’s Research Grant Committee and Advocacy Champions’ Network for many years. Additionally, in 2022 he created the RideForPKD and completed a 5,500-mile bicycle ride across the USA to raise awareness of the disease, supported PKD communities around the country, met with more than 100 PKD researchers, and raised $654,000 for the PKD Foundation’s research program.

He joins the Board at an exciting time in the company’s development, and is deeply passionate about SBN’s innovative first product, the medical food KetoCitra® for the dietary management of individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease including PKD, and SBN’s pipeline of future products and services to support the PKD community. Glenn has also participated in the Ren.Nu (Renal Nutrition) program, that uses KetoCitra® in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes, and has successfully and happily achieved and maintained the helpful state of ketosis for several months.

About Santa Barbara Nutrients, Inc.

Santa Barbara Nutrients (SBN) is a public benefit corporation incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. The experienced SBN team is composed of kidney researchers and patients and other industry professionals dedicated to bringing to market novel nutraceuticals and other innovative products for the management of chronic kidney disease, including polycystic kidney disease, and other renal conditions, and for the support and maintenance of renal health. The company is committed to scientific and clinical research to develop science-backed products that support human health and address significant unmet medical needs.

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