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KetoCitra® is the only non-prescription
product specifically developed for PKD.

KetoCitra is the FIRST non-prescription product specifically designed for polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and is for the daily dietary management of individuals with mild to moderate stages (CKD stages 1-3) of autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD). KetoCitra may still be appropriate for individuals with stages 4 or 5, but this should be determined by your health care practitioner.

KetoCitra helps your kidneys to maintain their natural resilience.

      • KetoCitra is specially formulated with kidney safety in mind and avoids any unnecessary fillers, bulking agents, or other artificial or potentially harmful ingredients.
      • KetoCitra provides specifically modified nutritional support to address the unique nutrient needs of individuals with ADPKD.
      • KetoCitra contains a blend of important electrolytes that help to bind food-derived oxalate and inorganic phosphates to decrease absorption of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate microcrystals.
      • KetoCitra is formulated to contain only negligible amounts of sodium because dietary sodium intake is associated with accelerated disease progression in ADPKD and other forms of chronic kidney disease.
      • No unnecessary ingredients included: Many ingredients that are commonly found in processed foods or dietary supplements may be renal stressors and potentially harmful to individuals with ADPKD.

The Development of KetoCitra®

Read about the story, science, and research behind the development of KetoCitra

KetoCitra® is the only non-prescription
product specifically developed for PKD.

♥ Non-GMO 

♥ Gluten-Free

♥ Natural Flavor 

♥ Ketogenic Diet-Friendly

♥ Negligible Sodium 

♥ Kidney-Friendly 

♥ Dairy Free

♥ Naturally Derived Sweetener

♥ Vegan 

♥ Soy Free 

♥ Negligible Sugar

How does KetoCitra® work?

KetoCitra supports nutrition for ADPKD by delivering the ketone beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) together with citrate in a beneficial blend of minerals. KetoCitra is formulated with kidney safety in mind.

    • BHB is A “ketone body” that is normally produced by the liver during periods of fasting and provides energy for nearly all cells in the body. BHB serves many functions in the body and can regulate cell behavior by affecting numerous signaling pathways.
    • Metabolic abnormalities in renal cyst cells in ADPKD lead to a preference for glucose as an energy source, over the alternative fuel BHB, to sustain disease progression.
    • Weimbs Lab research showed that increasing the supply of BHB replicates the beneficial effects of a ketogenic dietary regimen with beneficial effects on PKD progression.
    • Inducing ketosis by dietary restrictions, such as fasting or ketogenic diets, is a natural way for the body to produce it’s own BHB. However, strict diets are difficult to sustain over the long term. Consuming BHB is a way of elevating BHB levels without having to adhere to strict diets.
    • KetoCitra is intended to facilitate the nutritional management of individuals with ADPKD by providing a preferred cellular energy substrate, the ketone BHB.
    • Citric acid – or “citrate” – is normally produced and consumed by most cells in the body. Individuals with PKD typically have low levels of citrate in their kidneys which leads to the risk of formation of dangerous crystals and worse disease progression.
    • Citrate is the natural defense of kidneys against the formation of damaging micro-crystals such as those formed by calcium oxalate.
    • Studies in the Weimbs Lab at the University of California Santa Barbara have shown that increasing citrate can help the kidneys to become more resilient against injury from micro-crystals that form in the kidney and can worsen the progression of PKD.
    • KetoCitra is intended to help normalize the urine pH (acidity). Metabolic changes in individuals with ADPKD frequently lead to abnormally acidic urine with a low pH value that may increase the risk of renal crystal precipitation which may detrimentally affect ADPKD progression.

Who qualifies to take KetoCitra®?

Recommendations and Guidelines

      • KetoCitra is recommended for individuals with mild to moderate stages (CKD stages 1-3) of ADPKD.
      • As a medical food, KetoCitra is to be taken under medical supervision. However, no prescription is required. When you order KetoCitra, you will be asked to confirm that you are under medical supervision.
      • KetoCitra contains the electrolytes potassium, calcium, and magnesium, and may therefore not be appropriate for individuals with advanced-stage chronic kidney disease (CKD stages 4 or 5). However, in some cases, it might be appropriate for those in those in more advanced stages. This should be determined by your health care practitioner.
      • KetoCitra is not recommended for individuals who have been told by their healthcare practitioner to limit their potassium intake.
      • Not sure if you qualify? Don’t have your own healthcare practitioner? You can find a practitioner by choosing one of the four options here: https://santabarbaranutrients.com/find-a-practitioner/

My healthcare practitioner is not familiar with KetoCitra®. What can I do?

KetoCitra is relatively new and some healthcare practitioners may not be familiar with it. Here is some information you could send to your practitioner:

Is it OK to take KetoCitra® without any other dietary changes?

KetoCitra can be taken by itself even without dietary changes. However, we recommend dietary changes in addition to taking KetoCitra. KetoCitra is designed to work with the dietary & lifestyle changes discussed here [link].

What does KetoCitra® provide?

Two servings per day with meals provides: 5.3 g of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), 3.5 g Citrate, 51 mEq Alkaline Base, 600 mg Potassium, 300 mg Calcium, 250 mg Magnesium per day.

      • For comparison, the amount of potassium in a large banana is ~600 mg, the amount of calcium in a cup of milk is ~300 mg, and the amount of magnesium in 1.5 cups of broccoli is ~230 mg.

How much does KetoCitra® cost?


Subscription: If you purchase KetoCitra on a subscription model (delivery every 30 days), a one-month supply will cost $139. This method saves you 22% compared to the regular purchase price. While most traditional health insurance plans do not reimburse medical food purchases, we encourage you to check with your plan’s administrator to see if this is a possibility. However, if you hold a FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account), KetoCitra® can be purchased with your FSA/ HSA card at check-out.


The subscription features are:

      • Your first shipment comes with free pH indicator paper suitable for monitoring urine pH.
      • A one-month supply of KetoCitra will arrive at your doorstep every month when you need it. No need to remember to reorder.
      • Cancel anytime. No obligation.
      • Secret tip:if you only want to order KetoCitra one time to try, you can buy it at the low subscription price and then cancel it. We won’t be offended!
      • Change the amount or delivery date anytime. You will receive an email notification prior to every new shipment so that you can easily adjust the shipping date, or add items.
      • Going on a trip and want more KetoCitra for your luggage? Simply order two bottles with your next shipment.
      • On a break? Simply order less frequently.

One time purchase: $180/month. You can purchase KetoCitra at this one-time price but we recommend to save money and buy it at the lower subscription price above. Feel free to “cheat” and cancel immediately after you place your first subscription order. No problem!

KetoCitra® package inserts

Detailed information about KetoCitra: directions, nutrition and ingredient information, warnings and contraindications etc (pdf file).

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How can I modify my subscription?

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