Work With Your Own Practitioner

Your own healthcare practitioner can authorize you to order KetoCitra. Santa Barbara Nutrients is happy to facilitate this and make the process easy for everyone. You can use the form below to generate an authorization request letter that you can either bring to your health care practitioner or that we will be glad to send to your health care practitioner on your behalf.

Please choose how we should contact your practitioner from the options below. You will need to enter either your practitioner’s email address, fax number, phone number, or choose to download the request letter so that you can then bring it to your next visit with your practitioner. If you do not fill out one of the choices above, we will be unable to reach your practitioner.

If you enter your practitioner’s email address, fax or phone number we will send the letter to your practitioner on your behalf.

Once your practitioner reviews the information packet, they will determine if you are qualified to take KetoCitra. If deemed appropriate, your practitioner can provide you with a unique authorization code that can be used to purchase KetoCitra.