The following healthcare practitioners are registered with Santa Barbara Nutrients and are experienced with the nutritional management of kidney disease. If you have kidney disease and are interested in using KetoCitra® we encourage you to contact one of these terrific practitioners.

Check below to find a healthcare practitioner licensed in the state you live in. Check out the description and their websites to see if you like what they offer. Contact them by email or phone to ask if they accept new patients. These healthcare practitioners can tell you if KetoCitra® is right for you. You might also want to work with them long-term to guide you through your journey to better health (that’s what we recommend !!). Note that these healthcare professionals are independent practitioners. Ask them for their rates, whether they accept insurance, etc.

If you choose to work with one of the practitioners below, we encourage you to share your experience with us. Comments, kudos, etc. are all welcome! You can email us at

If you are a practitioner interested in becoming a part of the Santa Barbara Nutrients practitioner network, please register here.