Pre-Order KetoCitra

Here is the scoop…

We anticipate that KetoCitra will be available for shipping in November. Yes, THIS November (fingers crossed!). Pre-order now to reserve your spot to be among the first to receive KetoCitra once it ships.

How does pre-ordering work? Follow Step 1 below and lock in your pre-order for $5 down which will be applied to your first order of KetoCitra. If you end up not qualifying for KetoCitra we will refund your $5.

Are there perks for pre-ordering? In addition to securing your spot in line, the first 500 people who pre-order also qualify to receive a free hydration bottle with their first order of KetoCitra. We think these bottles are awesome but check for yourself here. You must qualify to receive KetoCitra by obtaining an authorization code from a healthcare practitioner.

How do I know if I qualify for obtaining KetoCitra? Step 2 below explains everything. Since KetoCitra is a medical food it must be taken under medical supervision. KetoCitra is not appropriate for everyone. You can work with your own healthcare practitioner or choose one of the other options that we have arranged for to obtain an authorization code.

Why should I pre-order now even though KetoCitra is not yet available for shipping? You can use the time between now and when KetoCitra ships to obtain your authorization code. It’s not difficult but might take some time.

Questions? Stumped? No worries. Email our friendly team here and we’ll help you out: info@SantaBarbaraNutrients.com

Step 1. Sign up and

Log in to your existing customer account or create a new account. Place your pre-order with a down payment of $5 which will go towards the cost of your first order of KetoCitra once it is available for shipping. If you do not qualify for receiving KetoCitra, your $5 will be credited back to you. Pre-orders will be processed based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Step 2. Work with healthcare
practitioner to qualify

Pre-ordering is not enough! Click here to learn about the steps to complete to qualify for receiving KetoCitra. There are different paths to choose from. A healthcare practitioner will check your blood panel and medical history and send you an authorization code if you qualify. Don’t worry, we have made arrangements that make this step pretty easy. We recommend to use the time while waiting for KetoCitra to become available to get this step out of the way.

Step 3. Receive KetoCitra when it is available for shipping

Once you qualify for receiving KetoCitra, use the authorization code that you received from a healthcare practitioner to place your first order. Choose between a one-time order or a subscription. Secret tip: the subscription price is much cheaper and you can cancel anytime. KetoCitra will ship (US only) once it is available (we are shooting for THIS November but can’t guaranteed it yet).