Santa Barbara Nutrients is a proud sponsor of 7 PKD Walks this year…

Why are we sponsoring PKD Walks?

Santa Barbara Nutrients is more than a business. It’s a team effort to advocate for patients with kidney disease, which is personal to many on our team. 


Sponsoring PKD Walks allows us to:  

  1. Work together with our community to raise awareness about  PKD and kidney health.
  2. Empower people to advocate for their health and raise awareness for those living with kidney disease.

During each Walk you can: 

  • Meet members of our team
  • Learn about Santa Barbara Nutrients 
  • Learn more about KetoCitra
  • Receive exclusive offers and educational handouts 
  • Ask us any questions!

(Hint: there may be a discount on KetoCitra for new subscribers!)


To sign up for a walk near you, click here.

Who will you meet?

 Detroit PKD Walk: 

When: Saturday, September 10th, 2022

Where: Boulan Park, Shelter #1

Time: 9:30 am ET – Site Opens/Registration 

Booth Attendee: 


Milwaukee PKD Walk: 

When: Sunday, September 11th, 2022

Where: The Yard at Bayshore

Time: 8:30 am CT – Site Opens/Registration 

Booth Attendee: 

Chicago PKD Walk: 

When: Sunday, September 18th, 2022

Where: Buss Woods, Grove 6

Time: 9:30 am CT – Site Opens/Registration 

Booth Attendee: 


Houston PKD Walk: 

When: Saturday, October 1st, 2022

Where: Rob Fleming Park

Time: 8:30 am CT – Site Opens/Registration 

Booth Attendee: 

  • Jacob Kingaard, MS – Director of Manufacturing and Product Development at Santa Barbara Nutrients


St. Louis PKD Walk: 

When: Sunday, October 9th, 2022

Where: Tower Grove Park, Sons of Rest Pavilion

Time: 9:30 am CT – Site Opens/Registration 

Booth Attendee: 


Los Angeles PKD Walk: 

When: Sunday, October 16th, 2022

Where: Santa Monica, Beach Park One

Time: 9:00 am PT – Site Opens/Registration 

Booth Attendees:

  • Thomas Weimbs, PhD – Leader in PKD research and President and Founder of Santa Barbara Nutrients 
  • Craig Adkins – General Manager at Santa Barbara Nutrients 


South Florida PKD Walk: 

When: Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Where: TY Park

Time: 9:00 am ET – Site Opens/Registration 

Booth Attendee: 

  • Lori Jacoby – PKD patient and advocate


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