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Pathways to purchase KetoCitra 


KetoCitra is a medical food and is intended for the daily dietary management of individuals with mild to moderate stages of autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease or ADPKD. This is also referred to as Chronic kidney disease (CKD) stages 1-3. KetoCitra is intended to be used under the supervision of a physician, as some individuals may not be able to tolerate various compounds.


Your healthcare practitioner should review your metabolic blood panel, renal function, and body’s ability to handle the electrolytes contained in KetoCitra.


You might be asking yourself “what is a medical food”?


There are different CATEGORIES that the US food and drug administration regulates including supplements, drugs, and medical foods. Medical foods are not supplements or drugs, rather, they have their own category. Medical food ingredients are generally recognized as safe (GRAS).


At Santa Barbara Nutrients, safety is our priority, which is why we have a thorough approval process to purchase our product. 


At Santa Barbara Nutrients, we value a TEAM APPROACH. Working together with your physician and dietitian will provide you with the most benefit when taking KetoCitra.   


There are four options to begin your journey to purchase KetoCitra:

  1. The Ren.Nu program
  2. Work with your own practitioner
  3. Work with a practitioner from the Santa Barbara Nutrients Network
  4. Schedule a mini consult on the KidneyRD website


1st: Ren.Nu program: 

The preferred option is the Ren.Nu dietary program, developed by RenAlign, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing comprehensive renal nutrition.  


Ren.Nu aims to impact polycystic kidney disease by teaching you step-by-step how to integrate KetoCitra into your lifestyle and adopt a PKD-smart nutrition plan. You will learn how to begin a plant focused, clean ketogenic diet, time-restricted eating, how to avoid renal stressor foods, how to integrate KetoCitra into your nutrition plan, and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes. 


Due to the intensive nature of the 12-week online program, each participant works with a dietitian for at least 3 private  1-on-1 sessions to personalize their goals and work through individual barriers.  Previous participants have enjoyed the informative nature of this program. A few of their favorites being:

  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Weekly live online classes
  • Learning how to monitor your health data
  • Receiving learning resources 
  • Developing a positive mindset for long term health


Participants also are able to be part of a community of people with PKD to gain support, learn from their peers, and receive encouragement as they make amazing changes. 


The tuition for the Ren.Nu program is $1500. 


To begin Ren.Nu, please sign up online. When you begin the program, you will receive a purchase code for KetoCitra. Because we believe this is the best route, we offer 50% off your first 3-month supply of KetoCitra.


If you would like to pursue this option, please visit: https://ren-nu.org/join-ren-nu/



2nd  option is to work with your own Practitioner: 


You are free to work with your own practitioner: which can be a nephrologist, dietitian, general practitioner, or other health professionals you work with. Keep in mind that your practitioner may charge you for your consultation.


If you wish to pursue this route, simply navigate to the “Find a Practitioner” page on the Santa Barbara Nutrients website. You will then click “request information to be sent to your practitioner”. Then, you will be able to choose how Santa Barbara Nutrients should get in touch with your practitioner.

  • You will need to enter either your practitioner’s email address, fax number, or phone number, or choose to download information that you can then bring to your next visit with your practitioner.
  • We will then send information to your practitioner on your behalf. 
  • Once your practitioner reviews the information packet, they can provide you with a unique purchase code that will be valid for the time period you discussed with your practitioner. The purchase code will be sent to the email address you provided. 


If you would like to pursue this route, please visit: https://santabarbaranutrients.com/your-practitioner/


3rd: SBN Practitioner Network:

KetoCitra can be taken on its own without dietary changes, but you will still need to be evaluated by a knowledgeable practitioner. Often, your practitioner may be busy and unable to provide a 1-on-1 consultation. For this reason, we provide a network of pre-approved and trusted practitioners who are experienced with the nutritional management of kidney disease. All of the practitioners listed have gone through extensive training as it relates to PKD and nutrition. Some of the practitioners may accept health insurance, while others may not. 


You can find a practitioner that works for you by clicking “find a practitioner” on the Santa Barbara Nutrients website. The practitioner you choose to speak with will review your labs and medications, determine if KetoCitra is appropriate for you, guide you on how to take KetoCitra, and provide you with any further information.


If your practitioner agrees that you qualify to take KetoCitra, you will be provided with a purchase code which can be used to directly purchase KetoCitra on the Santa Barbara Nutrients website.  

Please note that you may be charged for your consultation, so it’s best to check with the practitioner you wish to work with prior to your consultation.


If you would like to pursue this route, please visit:  https://santabarbaranutrients.com/sbn-practitioner-network/


4th: Mini-consult at the Kidney Nutrition Institute: 

At Santa Barbara Nutrients, we highly recommend that everyone works with a dietitian. Finding a really good renal dietitian is hard, but we want to make it easy, so we made arrangements with the highly experienced dietitians at KidneyRD.


What is KidneyRD?


KidneyRD is a private renal nutrition practice that provides care for people across the United States through their team of licensed renal dietitians.  


What should you expect during your 15 minute mini consultation? A Registered Dietitian will review labs and medications, advise you on how to safely use KetoCitra, communication will be sent to your physician regarding KetoCitra and your mini consult, and you will receive information on nutrition resources for PKD.


To begin, you can visit their website to watch a 45 minute class on the basics of smart nutrition for PKD and then schedule a 15 minute consultation to get approved for KetoCitra. If KetoCitra is deemed appropriate, you will receive a purchase code to buy KetoCitra at the end of your consultation. While this consultation will cost you $50 to schedule, you will receive $50 off of your first KetoCitra order…which means your consultation is free! 


If you would like to pursue this route, please visit:  https://kidneyrd.com/ketocitra-consults/#get-started 


If you still have questions, feel free to visit the “find a practitioner” page on the Santa Barbara Nutrients website or email us at info@sbnutrients.com.


The links for each route discussed in this video will be listed below for your convenience.