Dietary Recommendations for

Chronic Kidney Disease

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The Development of the Top 8 Recommendations

Along with professional renal dietitians, we’ve come up with 8 dietary and lifestyle changes you can make if you have polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Along with KetoCitra®, these changes could improve your life. We recommend working with an experienced dietitian to help you implement these changes and an appropriate PKD diet.

The recommendations have been carefully crafted to meet individual needs. However, every person is different and some people need to modify their diet in a specific way depending on their level of kidney function or other medal conditions they may have.


About Nutrition and CKD

Making healthy food choices is important, but it’s vital for those with chronic kidney disease. Good nutrition can help to improve your energy, help you to maintain or lose weight, prevent infection, and more. 

Regarding nutrition, science has shown that dietary and lifestyle changes, more specifically following a plant-focused ketogenic diet, can impact the progression of kidney disease.

However, following a plant-based ketogenic diet can prove to be difficult. That’s one of the reasons why KetoCitra was developed.

Today, you CAN advocate for your health.