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We’re looking for practitioners and advocates just like you to help spread the word on KetoCitra®!

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Santa Barbara Nutrients was founded by experienced kidney researchers and many industry professionals including team members affected by kidney disease who bring in a unique perspective.

We launched KetoCitra in November of 2021. KetoCitra® is the FIRST non-prescription product specifically designed for polycystic kidney disease (PKD), but can be leveraged for both Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and diabetes related kidney concerns.

We’re building a team of affiliates to help spread the word on KetoCitra and connect more people in the PKD, CKD and diabetic communities with the benefits of KetoCitra®.

Santa Barbara Nutrients is more than a business. It’s a team effort to advocate for patients with kidney disease, which is personal to many on our team.

Everything In One PlacE

Santa Barbara Nutrients we’re committed to:

Supporting health

Supporting kidney health through innovation, research, and development

Raise awareness

Working together with our community to raise awareness about PKD and kidney health.

Improve health

Creating useful products that improve the health and well-being of people affected by or at risk for kidney disease.

Empowering people

Empowering people to advocate for their health and raising awareness for those living with kidney disease.

focus on developing science

Headquartered in Santa Barbara

We’re a “Benefit Corporation” headquartered in Santa Barbara, California with a focus on developing science-backed products that enhance kidney health and resilience against disease using patented and patent-pending technology established at the University of California Santa Barbara.

We’re looking for practitioners and advocates just like you to help spread the word on KetoCitra®!


Trusted By Customers

“I’ve been using KetoCitra® for 3 months now and love it. I look forward to my “special drink” twice a day! Combined with a keto diet and IF, I feel great. I’m so appreciative of you and your team and the remarkable insights you’re adding to the world’s understanding of this horrible disease. Thank you, and best of luck with the research.”

Susan, KetoCitra® user, December, 2022

“My eGFR has risen (had been running around 80 but after a few weeks on KetoCitra® and the Ren.Nu Program, I’ve been testing around 100). Also, I’ve been on Tolvaptan for 1.5 years and was struggling with osmolality getting a bit too low…sometimes it was around 50-60, and I was having some associated symptoms. On KetoCitra® it’s been running at 100 daily.”

(KetoCitra® user), September 2022

“One of the only companies in the world taking the research from the lab quickly to the patients who need it most. Great customer service and they are dedicated to their mission to help people with kidney disease live long and healthy lives. Great customer service too, and responsive! I cannot recommend them enough!”

Traber (KetoCitra® user), September 2022